15 Things I won’t wear Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Nessa from that chic fashion blog
I have to list 15 things that I would NEVER wear.
It is amazing how people around the world have different opinions on what they consider what good taste in fashion should be; I find this fascinating.
To me, fashion is ultimately a way of expressing yourself.

So, here is my list:

1) Long skirts

In my opinion, I think that floor length skirts are unflattering and unpractical.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the length; I enjoy wearing maxi dresses and beautiful long evening dresses for special occasions… I just can’t explain why I don’t like the long skirts!

2) Chunky shoes

I believe that shoes have the power to make or break an outfit. This particular style of shoe has an orthopaedic look; They remind me of Frankenstein boots.

3) Denim flared jeans

These are Ok for a 70’s costume, otherwise I don’t see the need of all the excess material on the legs; it’s only going to be dragged on the floor! (Lol)

4) Turtlenecks

I understand that they keep you warm in the cold season, but I much rather wear a scarf than to be uncomfortable.

5) Plaid Shirts

This reminds me of two things: a tablecloth and the character on the “Brawny” paper towels.

6) Beanies

I understand that they might be trendy
but I really don’t like these, they remind me of newborn baby hats.

7) Round sunglasses

No, just no.

8) Bermuda shorts

I don’t think that this is a good look, to me it looks like you ran out of material while making pants or simply where trying to make shorts and cut too low.

9) Big boxy T-shirts

This look is so unflattering that it should only be worn as pajamas.

10) Clogs

I’m sorry, but I think that these shoes are clunky, uncomfortable and ugly.

11) Palazzo pants


Where do I start? They look like pajama bottoms, they’re unflattering and too long!

12) Bold Floral prints


I am not very fond of this pattern, but I would consider buying a floral in a more feminine color such as a soft pink or a neutral color.

13) Oxford shoes

I think this type a shoe is very masculine.

14) Long oversized coats

I simply cannot stand long boxy coats!
They’re unfavorable for most women, too masculine and too long that’s hard to walk in these!

15) Masculine short booties

What can I say, I just like a more feminine boot.

And for the people that I tag:
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Hope to hear from you soon!